White/Brown/Black Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds Benefits

  • Sesame seeds are extremely rich in calcium, hence promote bone density and help prevent arthritis
  • The seeds are valuable in respiratory disorders.
  • They are good source of healthy fat, hence lowers cholesterol
  • Contains fiber and promotes healthy Functioning of gut by relieving constipation.
  • They contain an antioxidant and anti inflammatory compound which has atherogenic properties thus improves cardiovascular health.
  • Contains magnesium which has anti cancer properties.
  • Contains Copper this mineral provide strength to blood vessels and bones.
  • Contains Zinc a mineral vital to bone health.
  • Promotes oral health.
  • Treats blurred vision and tired eye.
  • Seeds are nourishing and increases energy.
  • Reduces inflammation in body.
  • Nutrients packed seeds are beneficial for optimum hair health.
  • They also contain phosphorus, iron, selenium vitamin B1 and mono unsaturated fat making them essential for every day diet.
  • The antioxidants present in sesame seeds helps reduce oxidative stress.